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Meet the Johnson Brothers - Duane & Darrell

Duane Johnson

Duane Johnson has been a professional business broker since 1997. With over 25 years of brokerage experience, Duane has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers accomplish their goal of mergers, acquisitions or selling of business and real estate in both large and small transactions.

Duane owns a diverse array of businesses including retail, investment, and money lending, and is the owner of JDR Companies. His extensive experience in both business and construction is an asset to his customers and their building projects.
Darrell Johnson

Darrell Johnson has been a professional builder for over 30 years using his extensive knowledge of design and construction to help homeowners turn their dreams into a reality.
Darrell’s work can be seen across Minnesota from high-end home builds to extensive remodeling and renovation projects. His special gift for solving complex building and design challenges is part of what sets his workmanship far and above many other builders.
Let us bring your vision to life!
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